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Legend Quest GamesA short description for Legend Quest Games

Did you guys know that today, our team has prepared for you another fun category with your beloved Legend Quest cartoon series? That is correct dear friends, our team has decided to bring you closer to some of the most exciting characters from the Legend Quest realm, since these cartoon series are quite new and everyone loves them. Join Leo, Marcella, Don Andres, Allebrije and many other characters, within these cool and adventurous games that we intend to provide to our dearest fans, only here, on, and let's test your special abilities within some of the best games!

Legend Quest GamesLegend Quest Games -

  • Hello dear friends, welcome to another fun gaming day on, it's time for you to play this very first game within the famous Legend Quest category, because we know how excited you were about having the opportunity to join…

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Legend Quest GamesYou want to find more about Legend Quest Games?

Our site team from has prepared for you guys today, this new category with your favorite characters from Legend Quest, and we hope that you’re going to be as excited as we are, about the fact that we will upload so many amazing and exciting adventures within the Legend Quest category.
The story of Legend Quest is quite new though, the tv series have just begun this year, so, there might be some of you who aren’t aware of the existence of these characters, but this shouldn’t be a problem, since we will tell you all you need to know about this show Legend Quest.
The main character of the series is Leo San-Juan, a boy living in a Mexican town named New Spain, who is now under the attack of the powerful creatures that appear to be from another world. Leonardo has a very special ability to talk to ghosts, and some of his best friends are ghosts actually, Don Andres and Teodora. Don Andres is an old conquistador ghost, and Teodora is a ghost girl, coming from the future.
Legend Quest is a spooky tv series, where Leo and his friends have the task to defeat all those nasty creatures that threaten to destroy humanity, starting with their city, and we know that you kids are going to love this story.
Within this beautiful category which contains games with some of the main characters from the Legend Quest cartoon series, you guys are going to do so many exciting things and you’ll definitely go through a lot of dangerous adventures, but we know that you’re going to love each game we have prepared for you, within this particular category.
It’s not easy for Leo to discover about his special powers, but after he got lost from his hometown New Spain, along with his friends Teodora, Don Andres and Allebrije, Leonardo found out that he has to complete a prophecy where “The Lion – Leo” has to defeat the Serpent. Just like any other cute story, Leo has also a crush, and her name is Marcella, a beautiful girl who comes from a family of sorceress.
Come and join your beloved cartoon characters from Legend Quest, within all these new scary games that we are about to provide, and make sure that your best friends fulfill their tasks to defeat evil. Good luck!