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Jamies Got Tentacles GamesA short description for Jamies Got Tentacles Games

It's time now for our team from to invite all of you, boys and girls, fans of the Jamies Got Tentacles series, to play the best Jamies Got Tentacles Games, within this newly added category we've specially uploaded for your entertainment. We know that you are already familiar with these characters and their story, but we encourage you to read the category description to learn more facts about your most beloved characters from Jamies Got Tentacles. Let's play the best games with Jamie, his best human friend, Erwin, Pralene, Erwin's sister and many other characters. Enjoy playing the best Jamies Got Tentacles Games!

Jamies Got Tentacles GamesJamies Got Tentacles Games -

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Jamies Got Tentacles GamesYou want to find more about Jamies Got Tentacles Games?

It’s time for you kids to have another amazing opportunity to meet some of your favorite characters from the famous animated series with Jamie’s Got Tentacles, because our team from has specially created for you, fans, a separate category in which you will get to play the best games.
From now on, you kids will get the opportunity to meet with characters such as Jamie Blarb, the alien child of the King Blurbo III and Blurbina, reigning over the planet Blurb.
Jamie was sitting at the dinner table, preparing to have dinner with his parents whom he respects very much, and found out that the Vloks – villain aliens that eat alien princes – plan on eating Jamie next, for King Blarbono’s twelve thousandth birthday party.
As soon as Jamie and his parents intercept the conversation between the Vloks, saying they will prepare Jamie and eat him for the birthday party, Blurbina, Jamie’s mother, and King Blurbo III, decide to send Jamie on one of the most beautiful planets there is, planet Earth.
Even though Blurbo believes that it’s a terrible idea, they create this human suit to disguise their beloved son, Jamie, and the whole point of sending him on Earth was to make sure that Vloks won’t search for him there, because they cannot breathe on Earth.
So, after having a last meal at the Galactic Burger, Jamie lands on Earth, in Erwin’s backyard, in the middle of the night.
Erwin, a lonely boy, rushes in the backyard to check what’s that noise, simply to find out an alien disguised in a boy, but this doesn’t stop or scare him and the two quickly become best friends.
Now the adventure begins, when Erwin has to hide the fact that Jamie’s actually an alien with tentacles actually, and even if his sister, Pralene, can’t stand him and constantly tells their parents that Jamie’s an alien, no one believes this.
Jamie and Erwin bond instantly, and they go through daily adventures, trying to hide Jamie from other characters sent to Earth, to retrieve the fugitive, and Jamie tries to protect his friend from all the dangers that they might encounter.
Come and join the adventures that Jamie and Erwin go through, within each game that we will upload in this newly added category from the site, a category where you will be able to find the best Jamies Got Tentacles Games!