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Harvey Beaks GamesA short description for Harvey Beaks Games

Dear friends, come and join one of the most interesting characters from the Nickelodeon shows, Harvey Beaks, because we have created a wonderful category of games specially for Harvey's show fans. We are quite certain that Harvey Beaks and his friends, Fee and Foo, have quite a lot of fans among you kids, and that is why we wanted to share with you a separate, new category where you can choose from the best online games. You will have a ton of fun and you'll experience real adventures, if you decide to play all these new games within the category with Harvey Beaks Games, so, we hope that you're willing to try each and every one of these online games!

Harvey Beaks GamesHarvey Beaks Games -

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    Come and join Harvey Beaks within one of the first games that has been uploaded on our site, because today, we have prepared for you this special puzzle within our latest category and we would like you guys to try it out.…

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Harvey Beaks GamesYou want to find more about Harvey Beaks Games?

Our site team from has created this whole new category of beautiful games with your favorite Harvey Beaks character, a cute blue bird with an unusual large head. Today, you kids are going to be surprised of these amazing games that are going to be uploaded on the site, games where you will meet with some of your favorite characters from the Harvey Beaks cartoon series.
Harvey Beaks is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon Jr. series, and he is present from today on within all these cool new games that we are going to upload with him. Harvey lives in Littlebark Grove, and he is an exemplary 10 year old bird, a very good student and a good kid in general, but sometimes, he is too conservative and he doesn’t like to take chances at all, but luckily, he is being encouraged by his two friends, Fee and Foo, two crazy twin birds who don’t share the same manners at all, quite the opposite.
Fee and Foo are also 10 years old, and they are wild, they don’t have parents and they live alone, in a tree, taking good care of themselves, but living in such conditions might have been good for them, since they are strong and wild, and they bring the wild side in Harvey as well.
You kids are going to have a great time from now on, within all of these great new adventures and games that we intend to bring, especially since you’ll have the opportunity to join Harvey Beaks into such amazing activities. If you are big fans of the cartoon series with Harvey Beaks, then you should definitely get out of your comfort zone and try out these new games with Harvey, Fee, Foo and many other beautiful characters from the series.
Harvey has a lot of fears and self-restrictions, but thankfully, he has the help of Fee and Foo, two energetic characters who love him very much, and even though Fee sometimes likes to tease Harvey, she admitted the fact that he is her best friend and she would do anything for him. Harvey Beaks is also afraid of not being liked by someone, and he constantly tries to please everyone and be nice to everyone, while the other two, Fee and Foo, will teach him how to fight against bullies, when needed, because they’ve learned it by themselves.
Join Harvey Beaks within these amazing adventures that we have prepared for you, dear kids, and let’s help him explore his world, let go of his numerous fears, learn how to be and feel free and not have any restrictions.