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We have now added this new online game within the Minecraft category, and we would like to invite you to try out this funny game called Minecraft Connection, an interesting logical game where you kids are going to obviously have so much fun. Today, what you're going to have to do in this online Minecraft game, is to connect these Minecraft items and characters by drawing a line between them. Minecraft Connection might be similar to the games where you have to match three or more identical objects such as the bejeweled ones, but it's not a bejeweled game, because you don't have the possibility to switch the items between them, in order to create lines of at least three similar objects, but you must draw a line between them, connecting them. Come and have a great time today playing this following online game Minecraft Connection, a game specially created for all of the Minecraft game fans, and let's see what is the highest score you can get by connecting these identical characters. When you see similar objects, connect them by using your mouse cursor, and a line will be instantly created between them, and they will disappear. We hope you kids are going to love this game Minecraft Connection, and we truly recommend you to stay tuned for more fun on our site!

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Name: Minecraft Connection

Category: Minecraft Games

Added date: 25.10.2017 10:00

Played: 1203 times

Voted: 30 times (28 likes and 2 dislikes)

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Minecraft ConnectionYou want to find more about Minecraft Connection?

The Minecraft Connection game has part from Minecraft Games. This game is played by 1203 times, have 30 votes (28 likes and 2 dislikes) and his added 25 October 2017.

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