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Ant Farm GamesA short description for Ant Farm Games

Get ready to play the best Ant Farm Games, because today our team from has prepared for you kids this whole new category where we will gather the most exciting Ant Farm Games, games where you'll get the amazing opportunity to meet with your favorite main characters from the Disney series Ant Farm. Let's join Chyna Parks, the talented singer who has worked hard to get into the Advanced Natural Talents program from the Webster Highschool of San Francisco, and some of her best friends like Olive Doyle, Fletcher Quimby and Gibson. Enjoy playing all these cool new games from the category of the Ant Farm!

Ant Farm GamesAnt Farm Games -

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    Come and try this very first game of the newly added category where you will get to play the cutest Ant Farm Games, and let's join Fletcher, Olive, Chyna and other characters within this new game Ant Farm Puzzle. We are quite certain that…

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    Ant Farm Puzzle game it is part from Ant Farm Games category and it was played by 617 times.


Ant Farm GamesYou want to find more about Ant Farm Games?

Each day we try to do our best and provide you kids the best and most exciting games and create categories for you to find them much easier, and today, our team from has returned with another special category where you’ll get the opportunity to play the cutest and most fun Ant Farm Games.
The Ant Farm is actually a Disney show specially created for teens and children and it has been aired on Disney channel during 2011 and 2014, so, it might be so that you cannot remember the show very well, that’s why we recommend you to read the category description right here.
The Ant Farm Disney show presents the talented story of a natural born 11-years-old singer, Chyna Parks, who has finally entered the school of her dreams, the Advanced Natural Talent school from the Webster Highschool in San Francisco.
There, Chyna Parks, the talented little singer, befriends the weird girl with photographic memory and outstanding intelligence, Olive Doyle, and creates a very strong connection with Fletcher Quimby.
Fletcher, Chyna and Olive get to become best friends and together they go through all sorts of challenging and funny situations which sometimes they provoke, and Fletcher actually falls deeply in love with Chyna and her natural talent.
Fletcher has the ability to create all sorts of figures, he is an artist and an artist soul, and he always panics whenever he and Chyna meet, but this doesn’t stop them to go through such fun situations.
Chyna on the other hand is a diva and most of the times she’s very egocentric and aware of the natural talent she owns, but this doesn’t mean that sometimes she can be caring and kind.
Our team from wanted to offer you girls the amazing opportunity to enter the most fun and adventurous situations by playing the best Ant Farm Games.
If you would love to join the Ant Farm team, Chyna, Fletcher, Olive, and many other characters from these series such as Gibson the school counselor, then we truly recommend you to join your beloved characters within all these amazing games that we will bring for you on the site
We assure you that Chyna is very eager to play all these cool new adventure games with you, and we must tell you that we will amaze you with the diversity of the Ant Farm Games!