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Amphibia GamesA short description for Amphibia Games

We recommend you all to join us from today onwards within the coolest Amphibia Games you will be able to find within this newly created Disney channel category, and we absolutely hope that you kids are familiar with the Amphibia characters, but don't you worry, because we will either way offer you some valuable instructions on who are these characters. The main characters of the story are Anne, Marcy and Sasha, mostly Anne of course, and the three teenage girls land in this magical, talking toads and creatures world, and now they must find they ways out, but it's never easy when there are so many characters trying to stop you. The plot is quite exciting and so the games will also be very challenging to play, but we invite you now to this magical world of AMphibia and join your most beloved characters on their way towards planet Earth!

Amphibia GamesAmphibia Games -

  • We know that you must've been quite eager to find out what are the best Amphibia games that our site can offer you, but don't you worry, dearest friends, because we have now returned with the first game of today's…

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Amphibia GamesYou want to find more about Amphibia Games?

From time to time, we decide that it’s the perfect time to introduce more characters and offer you more cool categories on the site, categories where you get such a wonderful opportunity to side along with some of your most beloved animated TV series characters, so, get ready to have a really fun time in all these new Amphibia Games that we plan on adding from today onwards.
The fact that these Amphibia series are so new, only appearing on Disney Chanel in 2019, might be a reason for some of you, or perhaps even many of you do not know anything about these series and you might not have seen any of the episodes, but we wouldn’t worry too much about that, because you’re going to learn everything about the show by simply reading the category description.
Amphibia tells the story of an adventurous 13-year-old adolescent, Anne Boonchuy, a Thai-American girl who was convinced by her friends Sasha and Marcy to steal this mysterious music box, right on her birthday.
As it turns out, the music box is magical and so, Anne, Marcy and Sasha are taken into this magical, mystical world populated by amphibians and other evil creatures, but Anne quickly befriends with a very loyal, anthropomorphic pink frog, a boy named Sprig Platar, and she enters his family formed out of his sister, Polly, and their strict grandfather Hopediah Hop Pop Plantar.
The three girls now need to find a way to get back home, on planet Earth, but it’s not so easy to do when there are plots made by evil characters trying to stop them.
Each girl was taken into a different place, for example, Anne landed into a caring toad family, while Sasha ended up with her mentor Grime, and the two of them plan to invade the capital of Amphibia, which is called Newtopia.
The story of these series named Amphibia is very exciting and adventurous, and it’s the perfect place to be when you’re searching for fun and adventure, either when playing the Amphibia Games or watching the show itself.
We wanted to offer you kids the amazing opportunity to play the very best and newest Amphibia Games, and we wanted to present you the chance to join the Amphibia land by playing the most adventurous games where you will have the possibility to meet with such cool characters from this magical and mysterious land of Amphibia.
Precisely because we want you kids to have the possibility to meet as many of your friends from different animated series, we try to upload and create as many categories of games as possible, but for now, we invite you to hit play on these  super new Amphibia Games!