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Albert and Junior GamesA short description for Albert and Junior Games

One of our target is to offer you the most exciting games, and that is why today, we have uploaded this new category where you can find the best games with Albert and Junior. Albert is a really curious three-year-old boy, with a sharp mind, and he has a thirst for knowledge, that's why he constantly contacts his friend, Junior, in order to learn together about the real world and how one should behave in it. Junior is not another boy, he's actually a smartphone, which, if you touch it, it offers you the answers to all of your questions, and we know that you do have some. Let's learn together with Albert and Junior, within this special and beautiful new category of the two characters!

Albert and Junior GamesAlbert and Junior Games -

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    Hello dear friends, welcome to the first game of the category with Albert and Junior Games, a game called Albert and Junior Sliding Puzzle, and we hope that today, all of the fans will be excited to see that we have returned with this latest…

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    Albert and Junior Sliding Puzzle game it is part from Albert and Junior Games category and it was played by 1114 times.


Albert and Junior GamesYou want to find more about Albert and Junior Games?

A new category of games has arrived on our site, a category with the most loved characters from this pre-schoolers cartoon series with Albert and Junior. Today’s following category will include so many beautiful games with the Albert and Junior characters, and we invite all of our fans to join us within these new games.
Everyone should watch these beautiful TV series, because they are quite educational and there’s nothing you couldn’t enjoy about it, so, let us tell you a few things about the most interesting show, specially destined for the preschoolers.
Albert and Junior is a very special TV show, where little children are able to learn new things about this world, things that will help you develop a sharp mind by expanding your knowledge about all kinds of things.
Albert is a curious three-year-old little boy, and together with this smartphone named Junior, they are constantly searching answers for all kinds of questions. Albert loves to learn more new things, and that’s why each episode of this particular show revolves around seeking the answers Albert wants, with the help of his smartphone buddy, Junior.
This particular category which includes Albert and Junior Games, is very exciting and especially educational, because you’re going to directly participate into the daily activities of these two characters, Albert and Junior. Usually, little children have to be explained why grown ups do things the way they do it, why is it good to eat certain foods, why you need to be educated in public and have good grades at school, and this particular show with Albert and Junior is the best way for them to properly understand, while also having lots of fun.
From now on, you kids will get the opportunity to meet with Albert and Junior, and enter a world of fun together with them, you’ll also be able to watch beautiful scenes from the cartoon series, so, come and join Albert and his buddy, Junior, within all of these following new educational games, that you’re able to find on our site