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We are quite certain that you girls are going to love playing another interesting adventure game we've specially added within the site mainly for your entertainment, so, let's move on on today's latest batch of games presentation, because our team has added this Nimble Ben game, a fun new adventure game where you girls and boys will get to meet with this adorable pink rabbit, who wants to collect as many golden coins as possible.
In fact, you guys have a target to achieve, you must gather 30 golden coins to complete the level, but don't you think that it will be that easy, because there will be other creatures and animals that will try to stop you from achieving your target, such as hedgehogs.
Use the ARROW keys to control the rabbit, and make sure you don't touch any of the hedgehogs that are chasing you, your ultimate goal being to achieve the 30 golden coins target. We wish you all good luck playing this latest added Nimble Ben game, and we truly recommend you to stay tuned on the site and try all of the other games we add as well!

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Use ARROW keys

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nimble ben, adventure animals games, animals games, rabbit adventure games

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Name: Nimble Ben

Category: Adventure Games

Added date: 21.05.2020 17:00

Played: 32 times

Voted: 1 times (1 likes and 0 dislikes)

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Nimble BenYou want to find more about Nimble Ben?

The Nimble Ben game has part from Adventure Games. This game is played by 32 times, have 1 votes (1 likes and 0 dislikes) and his added 21 May 2020.

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